Who is all dating in one direction Sexchat mwm

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Who is all dating in one direction

Liam- You just texted Liam, *Baby, can't hang out tonight, got dinner with my mom and her boyfriend* You send it and drive over to your mom's place. "I got something to tell you" You say and she looks at you funny. " "I've got a boyfriend, he's name is Liam" I say and she smile. So sweet honey, I want to meet him" She says pulling the chicken out of the oven.

Your phone buzzes and you get a text from Liam, *It's alright, I have dinner with my dad's girlfriend and her daughter.

With her son" Your dad says and you come out of the kitchen and head to the living room. The boy you are dating and now are soon to be step-siblings.

She wanted to look good for this one guy that just proposed to her.

One Direction (commonly abbreviated as 1D) are an English-Irish pop boy band based in London, composed of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik until the latter's departure on 25 March 2015.

" you shouted excitedly, cleaning up quickly "um yeah, why you so excited? " you blushed and he chuckled "well, since you're my girlfriend how about i take you to get ice cream on Friday? " the interviewer asked, two of us raised our hands, Louis and... " i said, looking at him with wide eyes "don't worry Li, she asked me out and i didn't wanna hurt her so i said yes" he whispered in my ear, i nodded. Zayn Malik has been taken by Liam's 3 year sister (Y/N)" the interviewer said, making the rest of us chuckle.

" you cheered and that Friday you went on your first 'date' with Liam.

You think you're dating one of the boys (Age 3-6) Harry: (Age 4) "LOUIS!!! Zayn: (Age 3) you waddled your way into the living room where Zayn and his band mates were playing video games.

" you cheered, running towards him as fast as your legs would carry you. Everyone knew you had a massive crush on Harry, even him, so they played along with it and made it seem like you two were 'dating' "there's my girl! "curly" since you couldn't pronounce Harry when you were little you decided to call him curly, and that nickname has stuck ever since. " Harry asked kissing your nose, making you giggle."curly, will you play with me? you gotta clean up your toys Liam's coming over! " suddenly the doorbell rang "well i better go have a stern talk with him" he walked to the door and as you continued to clean, Niall told Liam that you two were 'dating' and said to just go with it "of course i will, now i gotta go see my girl" he walked into the room just as you finished clean "hello (Y/N)" "LIAM!

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