Updating excel from the web dating anime simulation games

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Updating excel from the web

While we’re on this tab, we should go ahead and defined some named cells and some named ranges.We’ll name the cells in the first row of each metric column (the row labeled “Current– to be named cells, but it makes for easier, safer updating of the dashboard as the complexity grows).(Note: I abhor many, many things about Excel’s default settings, but, to keep the example as familiar as possible, I’m going to leave those alone.This basic approach is one of the core components in the dashboards I work on every day, and it can be applied to a much more robust visualization of data than is represented here.

Spreadsheet Converter converts Excel spreadsheets into web pages that look and function in the same way as the original spreadsheet.Name each cell by clicking on the cell, then clicking in the cell address at the top left and typing in the cell name.It’s important to have consistent naming conventions, so we’ll go with _Current for this (it works out to have the metric identified first, with the qualifier/type after — just trust me! The screen capture below shows this being done for the cell where the current value for Orders will go, but this needs to be done for Revenue and Web Traffic as well (I just remove the space for Web Traffic — Web Traffic_Current).Then, click over to the Table Tools / Design group and change the table name from “Table1” to “Main_Data” (this isn’t required, but I always like to give my tables somewhat descriptive names).The sheet should now look like this: Because this is now a table, as you add data in additional rows, as long as they are on the rows immediately below the table, the table will automatically expand (and that new data will be included in references to Main_Data, which is critical to this whole exercise).

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See: Spreadsheet Converter For Key Features/Benefits for All Versions.

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