Swinggcat undergroundbookof datingsecrets

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Swinggcat undergroundbookof datingsecrets

If you struggle with keeping a woman interested after you approach her, this book will be particularly helpful.

A lot of these techniques might be considered overkill when used on less attractive women.

So instead of trying to match up to her standards, you're qualifying her to see if she meets yours.

The strongest parts of the book are his chapters on Push/Pull, Qualifying and Challenging, Cold-Reading, Open Loops and Frames.

Deep down, this is what these types of women are really looking for.

Whereas most guys try to win these women over by pleasing them, Swinggcat teaches how to compel them to please you.

While this isn't a new concept, the techniques he teaches for making this happen are perhaps the best I've come across.

Essentially, he teaches you to decide what you are specifically looking for in a woman, and communicate that directly when talking to girls.

When it comes to attracting particularly beautiful woman and having them chase you, this book was a classic and still stands the test of time.Much of this material needs to be used with the right amount of humour and confidence to avoid getting poor reactions.Some of the language and examples he uses might be considered in poor taste, perhaps even offensive to some readers.It is clear that he is very well read and has a firm grasp of psychological principles in terms of what makes people tick.Most of his techniques are based on psychology and getting into a woman's head.

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If meeting and dating women feels like a struggle where you are putting in a lot more effort than they are, this is a product that will help a great deal with that.