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The fewer bags you have, the less you [look like you] have spent.In theory, I am there and completely understand where they are coming from.After shopping with hundreds of people I would like to share some of my favorite ways clients hide their purchases. A professional woman in need of a number of items in her wardrobe.

How to make large purchases using a credit card You might be self-conscious about your credit card spending, but it’s important to remember that as long as your purchases are legal and you make the minimum repayment every month, the bank doesn’t care how you’re using your card.

While your credit card statement can be a great way to keep track of your purchases, this can make it difficult if you’d rather keep some of your credit card purchases private.

Let’s say you share a bank account with your partner or you look at each other’s statements to keep track of your expenses, but there are some purchases that you’d rather keep to yourself.

Just check to see if purchasing gift cards will be considered a credit card “purchase” or a “cash advance”, which could incur additional fees and charges.

Another option is to use an online payment service such as Pay Pal.

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