Indian parents interracial dating atraf online dating

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Indian parents interracial dating

To not be a racist, must you not ever want to fully embrace what is your own culture because it somehow indicates you hate others not like you and feel they have no place here.

We know that parents, for the most part genuinely want their children to be happy.

To forget is surely a way to repeat history that we all are scarred by in some way regardless of ethnicity.

I have no answers for the questions here today, but instead leave this writing as open ended for discussion as a way of broadening our thinking.

No matter how nice white parents are and how kind they are to all people, they are often deemed racist if they have a preference for their children to marry people who look like them and relate to their ways or cultural behaviors .

The same can be said for African Americans if they too take the stance they’d rather have their children with people who looked like them and understand the challenges of their past and present families.

These people wouldn’t do anyone harm regardless of race but they just want a certain cultural experience for their own families and the are treated like it is a crime if this is what they instill in their children.

When you live in Atlanta, it is easy to see how diverse our country is.

As you move a little north of the downtown, you get to see this even more.

As for me, my kids are my kids and I want what is best for them. We each have a right to our opinions and preferences.

Would I be happy if they married people who understood where I’ve been, what I go through daily, identify with my hair and willingness to trace my roots back to Africa and the native Americans who have passed down their DNA to me? But would I want that for my child by force at the cost of them being abused, manipulated or mistreated simply because they married because of cultural/ethnicity/race?

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I’m back home now and we are continuing our relationship long distance. On top of ethnicity, there is the issue of education.