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Functional and 'right' means 2 around here, and early, and one can find it difficult to break from that pattern of thought although aware that balance that you don't possess on your own will certainly not come from a relationship.

Several families living together in one small place, that's a recipe for a disaster which happens all too often over there.

Because Eastern Europeans don't usually study(?

You also say that you don't wear make-up or high heels to classes.. for you to be prejudice about other European women but it turns into a big fat problem and an insult when some probably not well traveled American girls do so? There are people who think that you are here to marry an American, there are people who don't care, there are people who might want to marry you and go live in EU.

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Not sure about where I'm going with this, I guess my point is it would be better to see fewer people married but that limited number of marriages be good quality ones.