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Leta Hong Fincher, a Ph D candidate in sociology at Tsinghua University and author of a forthcoming book about leftover women and Chinese gender inequality, says that the Chinese government wants "leftover women" to create "quality" babies by scaring the women into marriage.

This goal dovetails with a China State Council plan to upgrade "population quality" in 2007, the same year the term "leftover women" came into wide usage.

It's been like that for thousands of years," Wu says.

As a result, more members of China's "post-80 generation," referring to those born in the 1980s, are opting for love and attraction -- rather than practical considerations -- in finding a partner., says Chinese culture emphasizes honor, duty, and responsibility in relationships -- not love.

A new report by the Ministry of Civil Affairs shows that the number of divorces in China jumped 8 percent last year, and, for the first time in 10 years, the increase of the divorce rate has outpaced the growth of the marriage rate.

In Beijing and Shanghai, almost 40 percent of couples now divorce, a figure approaching those in Western countries.

Challenges remain to get to this level, but both Wu and Joy Chen are optimistic: they believe the term "leftover women" will disappear in the next decade as more women remain single after age 27.

For Nancy Ji, divorced and lost at 31, life has never been better at 37: She has recently started seeing someone she met at Coucou8 events, and her perspective on what she wants has changed."Now I hope I can find someone who I can connect with based on interest and personalities," Ji says.

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Thousands of years of culture and tradition have labeled women who are neither a wife nor a mother as social outcasts.

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