Cypersex webcam chat abult

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Cypersex webcam chat abult

He was an avid winemaker, using local wild grapes; he was a trusted lead teller at a local branch of Wells Fargo bank; and he was rarely at home, because he was always out working or having fun with friends.Why in the world would the feds come calling for Jerry?Inc., seeking the identity of the person the woman had been chatting with -- someone who'd logged in with the name "stephanmee2003" and was using the screen name "famcple." Yahoo!told the FBI that "famcple" was the name used by a "Mr.I didn't know why they were there, so I'm very confused," he recalled."Within like 10 seconds, I was being pulled out of the room." The agents took Perez into the kitchen, where he was questioned for several hours. No, he answered; Britt asked about "Web chat-room stuff. I knew something was up, but I never did any of that.

"I'd e-mailed [only] like five people in the last 10 years.I'd rather just call." The questions kept coming and none made any sense: "The FBI kept talking about [chat] 'transcripts,'" Perez said."I said, 'Show me the transcript, maybe I can help you figure it out.' [Britt] said, 'No, I'm not going to do that.'" By noon the officers had departed, taking with them Perez's computer, two hard drives, and nearly 4,000 CDs seized from his bedroom and from storage tubs stacked in his garage.Atterberry opened the door to find a contingent of armed officers standing on the front walk.He was surprised -- and it appeared the officers were as well, he later recalled.

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Britt ran a utilities check and confirmed that Perez's name was on the Austin Energy account for the house on Scenic Brook Drive.