Cx internet chat

Posted by / 01-Oct-2017 07:37

Cx internet chat

We have been holding quiet about this for some time.

Not because we were not interested, but because we wanted to experience first hand what works and and what does not.

This is why I’d like to state that conversation is the primary interface to value.

As much as I like to think about conversations in a philosophical way, I’m starting this conversation also to share our experience with the conversational user interface.

This is an incredible increase in customer appreciation, which is translated also in increasing usage of Tinka as a digital self service assistant.

With these promising insights we had several discussions with other clients.

Completion rates of the conversational advisor compared to the old form/checklist was 70% higher.

As adoption grew btw, that normalised to an NPS of around 0.Our first client who chose to develop a smart customer service chatbot with a conversational interface was T-mobile Austria.Her name is Tinka and she was launched to the public with a PR-campaign that we had not see before when it comes to launching a self service solution.Robeco, a Dutch financial service company, developed a conversational advisor on their website to help customers decide what kind of product would better fit their needs.Also here, in an A/B test, it proved to be a very successful approach.

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