Consolidating files in logic 9

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Consolidating files in logic 9

If you’re low on voices, the process is even more detrimental as it needs more power to do the operation and throws out more.

On the way there, it first truncates your data, then begins tossing out bits of information.The only time punching in might not work out is if you are using some form of modulation (tremolo, vibrato, flange, chorus, phaser) on your master mix or individual tracks.At the point of punch-in the mix or track could make a sudden sonic jump or change, which could make your mix or track not as smooth and organic sounding.Another reason why I like this option the best, it allows you to listen to what you are bouncing down.And lastly, if a glitch occurs while you are recording your mix or tracks down, you can punch in at the spot of the glitch and keep recording on instead of having to go back to the start of playback to bounce again.

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